The promotion of the project

The ParGarCom project has two well-differentiated features: a technological component linked to the development of an app and another consisting of dissemination and possible follow-up beyond the final stage of the experiment, by seeking its own sponsorship or self-financing lines.

As part of this communication component and more than two months after the project began, we have been overwhelmed by the interest of the media, not only traditional written media but also digital, radio and audiovisual media.

Although the diffusion has been on a regional scale (Mallorca, Spain), we believe that this interest can also be transferred to other places when the project starts in Santander. And this is because it is not only a tool for publicising the companies involved, but also makes it possible to reach a wider audience and serve as a call for other cities, immersed in their own Smart City projects, to see how an experimental project born from a European entity such as Organicity, feeds on existing information in the city itself (sensors, news…) or provides new information generated by its own citizens or visitors.

We think that promotion is an important part of any project and it won’t be the first or the last time, that a technically perfect project doesn’t generate the interest that a priori could be thought of, not only for not getting the media interested on it and favor its diffusion, but also and even more importantly, not knowing how to reach the interest of the end user. In our case, Optimum Ventas, working side by side with Beesensor aims to be the link that many technology companies lack and we believe that the interest shown during this initial phase by the media will continue in March when the app is officially launched in the city of Santander.

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