Two types of projects

An old saying goes that there are two types of project: those who have had problems and those who will have them. ParGarCom is no exception and has experienced a development delay due to a number of issues with the originally chosen development framework that have forced a change in the working environment.

In a project with more flexible deadlines, the initial scheme would have been followed or further attempts to maintain the planned plan would have been made. But the time constraints existing in Organicity led us to consider the shift before the delay was unbearable.

It is not a complaint, the rules of the game are accepted and that leads to making decisions in accordance with them.

Internal meetings, decisions to take, faces of concern and a team that works together to make everything go as it should. That’s all.

Finally, we keep the original deadline with small internal modifications and the feeling that the problems are to be solved. And we’re working on it.


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