Kick-off: first meetings in Santander

The beginnings of a project are always intense. A lot of initial effort, a lot of planning, tons of illusion and, of course, knowing how it all will be transformed into a tangible reality.

Invariably, one of the first milestones in a project is the kick-off. Especially when you do it with those who will be your end users.

On 23 and 24 November, we visited Santander City Council to present the ParGarCom project to the main political authorities. A busy schedule of meetings thanks to the invaluable help of our interlocutor, Juan Echevarría.

The first day focused on holding meetings to introduce the project to the councillors of the different areas that were more directly or tangentially related to ParGarCom, a project focused on parks and gardens.

Thus, on Thursday 23rd, meetings were held with Daniel Portilla (municipal councillor for education, youth, heritage, contracting and transparency), Belén Domínguez (managing director for the environment), Juan Domínguez (councillor for sports and health), Antonio Gómez (managing director for sports), Miriam Díaz (councillor for culture and tourism), Lorena Gutiérrez (councillor for social dynamization and institutional relations) and Carmen Ruiz (councillor for neighbourhoods, citizen participation and general services).

In all of them, the project was presented to the political leaders and the most common response was:”how can we help you?”. Besides that, suggestions were added that led to the modification of some of the points

The afternoon of the first day turned into a photo-shooting tour of the city which resulted in a pleasant walk A walk in Santanderof more than four hours. In them, we enjoy the Gardens of Pereda, the Atlantic Park of Las Llamas with the impressive view of the Sports Palace of Santander, the park of Mataleñas and, after that, a superb coastal return by the park of Mesones, the gardens of Piquío and the traditional charm of the Gran Casino del Sardinero and back to the area of the Town Hall.

A project related to Santander and its parks could not have started any better.

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