The ParGarCom project

Beesensor Technologies together with Optimum Ventas have been selected in the 2nd call for experimentation projects to start up between November 17 – March 18 the ParGarCom project in Santander, within the framework of Organicity.

Organicity is a collaborative research project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Framework Programme, to be developed from January 2015 to June 2018, and with an overall budget of more than 7 million euros and 15 partners, including three cities (Santander, London and Aarhus), aims to be an experimentation service that explores how citizens, businesses and cities can collaborate to create digital solutions for urban challenges, starting from the urban environment.

Thus, the aim of Organicity is to encourage co-creation, trying to involve citizens in all stages of development, from the generation of ideas to the creation of technological solutions, in order to improve this participation existing products or stimulate new applications that may be of interest to users.

Each of these cities, with a clear commitment to new technologies and in some cases with a long journey within the Smart Cities concept, provide the information generated by the sensors they already have installed, with the aim of allowing experimenters to put forward proposals that improve the quality of life in these cities, in areas such as mobility, air quality, waste…, either through their use or through the generation of new information, working on a common platform with a common platform.

In this context, ParGarCom is a project that aims to improve the experience of using Santander’s parks, gardens and green areas for both citizens and visitors, taking advantage of the open data that exists in the city (irrigation, urban transport lines planning, bus stops…) but involving citizens in the generation of new information, such as in the form of images or sounds, from those places that within the context of the application report some type of information, and that takes advantage of the platform so that the rest of the community is involved in their concerns.

Therefore, the project aims to promote all aspects associated with the parks, gardens and green areas of Santander, not only as relaxation and rest areas but also to generate community among citizens, promoting the knowledge of the activities that are carried out, making known through the information generated by users of the varieties of plants or fauna that can be observed in the different areas or reporting incidents that are detected, and in short, turning these zones into social areas, where users’ concerns, observations and suggestions allow to form a community that interacts in the context of these zones, where geolocation will be the tool to identify them.

Apart from the technological component that the project incorporates in the data capture and in the generation of new information and that Beesensor Technologies will develop, an important part of the project is to give it continuity after the end of the experimentation period and in this aspect the company Optimum Ventas, provides a bonus that hardly a technological company could contribute, to give the sufficient value to the project so that it has continuity once the experiment is finished.

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